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Fat Bear Mountain
The infamous "unpickable" trophy
Zone Europe
Animals Sheep, Racing Mouse, Racing Dog, Bear and Ram
Difficulty Easy

Fat Bear Mountain (In Italian La Montagna Dell'Orso) is the sixth level of the Europe Zone of Space Station Silicon Valley.


Those cheeky little sheep have taken control of this old playground and locked the fat bear inside the hillside cavern down by the empty sheep dip pool.


- Kill the angry animals

- Flood the sheep dip pool


Ok, you start as the racing mouse. Go through the pattern that leads to a racing dog. DO NOT EVEN THINK YOU CAN BEAT HIM. Follow the ramps,they'll lead you to a switch. Hit it and the structure near your doors will open,and you'll see that there's a bear in. Now, be EXTRA-CAREFUL. You must take the bear out of this place and take him near the racing dog so they can fight (Remember, THE DOG DOESN'T DO ANYTHING TO MICE). Once one of them is dead, pick it and kill the other (first mission completed). Another way to do this is to have the ram. There's two sheep behind him. Beat 'em up with your tail, including the ram by beating 'im up. Use him to kill the dog and then use him to open the door and kill the big bear.

Now,with the bear,press the button (second mission completed) to fill the pool. Take a sheep and align the crates to form a bridge and take the teleporter. You survived.


Near the switch that opens the structure there are three levers. Make sure you take two animals near your position. Now, jump on the first lever and switch. Do it again two times and the trophy will appear,yeah! But... WHAT?! I can't pick it up. It must be my console... No, it's not a problem with your console. Sadly, DMA left something glitched in this trophy, so you can't pick them all... Anyway, for access the surprise for picking all trophies, there's a secret code.