Have A Nice Day!
Zone Europe
Animals Dog, Sheep, Racing Mouse, and Racing Dog (non-playable)
Difficulty Easy

Have A Nice Day! (In Italian Buona Giornata!) is the second level of the Europe Zone of Space Station Silicon Valley.


Oi! Hungry sheep are on the loose - round them up! Fast! Use the electric fence to keep them in their pen. Hey! The Scanner shows a mouse with wheels in this zone. Use it to reach the exit.


- Get FOUR sheep into the pen

- Find the mouse with wheels


A little bit more difficult than Smashing Start. Chase the sheep and put 'em in the pen, but kill the fourth and go inside it. You see the bridge? Go to it and use the floating jump to reach the little island and collect the power cells. Go in the pen,and get again inside the dog,then hit the switch to put on the electric fence. When you get pass the bridge, you meet another dog. This, like all other animals, will do no harm to you if you're using a dog. If you change to racing mouse, or any other animal, he will kill you. But if you attack him when you are the same specie, he will attack you. So you decide: kill it with the dog or just let it go and pick the racing mouse. You could even kill it with racing mouse but its attack is weaker and it could be frustrating. Any decision you took anyway leads you to the racing mouse. So now that the teleporter is active,go to it. And don't forget power cells and souvenirs.

Trophy Edit

You could have noticed that there's another shed in front of the one where you find the racing mouse. Go above the race start sign and a racing dog will come out of the shed and challenge you to a race round the place. Two laps and it's done. Use turbo wisely. When you win, the dog will return in his shed and a racing mouse trophy will appear. If you lose the race, you can retry whenever you want.

Power Cells Edit

1 -- Turn right on the entrance to get into a grove, cell is in there
2 -- on the river bank, nearby the sheep pen
3 -- on the second island -- need sheep to float over
4, 5 -- on the third island
6 -- behind the locked doghouse
7 -- behind the waterfall (after Smashing Start, you knew to look there)
8 -- right in front of the TV terminal (nearby the mouse's doghouse)
9 -- on the left side after you cross the bridge -- on a small hill
10 -- see those platforms near the waterfall?  PC10 is on the largest one
(also the highest)
11-13 -- after getting PC10, the other platforms rise up, giving you a ladder
to climb to 11, 12, and 13, which were suspended above the platforms.
14 -- on a hill to the left side of the mouse doghouse
15 -- on the island with the exit (far side)