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Honeymoon Lagoon
From GBC Version
Zone Europe
Animals Racing Mouse, Racing Fox, Sheep, and Springy Thingy
Difficulty Easy

Honeymoon Lagoon (In Italian Laguna Nuziale) is the third level of the Europe Zone Space Station Silicon Valley.


The electric fence is linked to the Big Machine. Play around with it and see what happens...Oh yeah -- and bring me back something soft and fluffy to hug.


- Deactivate the Big Machine

- Deactivate the electric fence

- Get something soft and fluffy


OK,we've been cheating until now,but,really,this level is just a bit more difficult than its predecessor.

You start as the racing mouse, so you can't reach that not-very-much raised platform jumping. But there are ramps,so use turbo,go to one of the ramp,and you should make it. Now,hit the four red levers to deactivate the Big Machine and complete the first mission. It's not over yet,the machine will pop out four Power Orbs. Do you see buttons? Well,you have a limited amount of time to press 'em all. When you do it, the electric fence will disappear and you will be able to continue. Foxes will come to attack you (don't try to kill them, they'll murder you!). You are incredibly weaker than them and they'll kill you in a few seconds. JUST PAST 'EM. Reach the end of the pattern, you will see sheep here. Kill one (or all,if you like it) and get inside it. Yeah! Oh,but there's still the teleporter to reach. Nothing to fear. Redo the pattern you took for picking the sheep until you see some platforms with water under. You see the teleporter? Well,go to it.

Note: If you want to kill the foxes,pick up the springy thingy in the water. Remember, press the Jump button to attack.


You surely noticed there are blue rings in this level. In order to get the trophy, you must pass through them. You must activate the one near the big machine,the one near the foxes and the one in sheep's place with the mouse,and the other two with the sheep.

Power Cells[]

1-4 -- appear when you turn off the Big Machine
5 -- on the metal ramp just beyond the electric fence
6, 7 -- in the grove area with the foxes
8, 9 -- on platforms going up the hill just after the fox area
10 -- behind an apple tree (is it apple?  the fruit looks red...)
11, 12 -- on top of platforms in the lake with the exit
13-15 -- in the alcove with the souvenir