I need more data about the station. Scanners detect a high mental energy 
build up in this area...It's coming from the preserved heads of the 
professors lying around. Go get 'em!

- Get the heads!

Animals: Husky, Rabbits, Heli-Rabbit, and Walrus

Kill a rabbit and then climb the ice platforms, then drop down to claim 
a head. Go to the ice pond with all the Walruses and go near the thingie 
in the middle, destroy the ice with some thumps and a Heli-Rabbit comes 
out! Use him to get the head behind the starting plate, and the one 
behind the wall in the water must be taken using a Walrus. That's all 
the heads...(mission 1 complete). Now you can exit!

Kill all of the Walruses on the ice-pond. This is much easier if you use 
a heli-rabbit.