Zone Europe
Animals Racing Mouse, Racing Fox, Rat King and Rat
Difficulty Easy

Rat-o-Matic (In Italian Rattomatic) is the ninth and last normal level of the Europe Zone of Space Station Silicon Valley.


Ah, so this is where the rats that are tearing apart EuroEden are mass produced - from mice! Oi! Evo! Save this paradise off Earth...or I'm sticking you in the microwave.


- Kill the fox family

- Destroy the Rat-o-matic


If Stinky Sewers is the most messed up level in the game,well this level's placement is second; but don't worry,with practice and luck you'll make it.

You start as the (un)mighty Rat King. When it's time turn left and "collect" rats,they'll help you. Ignore the door,turn left and go out,you should have 4 rats with you. You will encounter the fox family. Kill them with your allies (first mission complete). Now take a fox,exit this place and enter the toilets (third door),pass the broken wall and teleport to the platform with a switch,activate it. Exit the room and enter in the other at your right. Kill the racing mouse and enter on it. Activate the lever and quickly stand on the red circle,then a pipe will suck you up.

When the cutscene ends,you will be in Rat-o-Matic defenses. Avoid all of them and go on. When you finish the path there will be a rat,kill it and become it. Then lay an exploding fece near the computers to blow them and a little cinema will show a chain effect that involves all computers and blows them up (second mission complete). The explosion has opened even all the cages where the mices were imprisoned.

Exit (you're still rat,right?) to where you killed the foxes,and mices will be there.Follow them and they'll open you a door. Kill and become a mouse,then go right and walk until you find a switch;when you hit it,go really quickly to the other side and pass the closing door;if you're quick and lucky,you'll make it.Now exit this level.


You can see it on the barbecue in the open part of the level, but is protected by flames. Use the King Rat or a Racing Fox to bring a pink container. Use a Rat to lay exploding feces near that pink container and it will explode, releasing something that turns the flame out. Use a Racing Fox and go to the near hill and teleport yourself to the golden Rat.