Smashing Start
Smashing Start SSSV
Zone Europe
Animals Dog and Sheep
Difficulty Easy

Smashing Start (In Italian Pronti,Via) is the first level of the Europe Zone in Space Station Silicon Valley, and serves as a basic tutorial for the game.


Ooh! Ah! Ow! My head! Sheesh, what a landing! Evo, do as I say and we might just get out of this mess - alive! Oh, and if we're going to repair you, we'll need as many of those purple cells as possible.


- Get some energy
- Get me a sheep


Simply retrieve the energy next to where Evo's chip first landed, or break a crate and take its energy. Now kill a sheep and take her over, then go to the teleporter.


Get Flossie (the crying Sheep) to the rocket. Switch to Roger or any sheep and get on Dan. Dan will start up his rocket to burn Flossie and she'll turn into a golden statue.


  • This level, along with Walrace 64 and Evo's Escape, is the only level where you can't die, if you don't exit the animal you're using. You can also die when you're near Dan's rocket once he started it. You can also die by fall damage if you get on top of the speaker by the rocket and bark it will send you flying into the pit costing you some health.

Power Cells Edit

1 -- in front of the rocket, a little to the right of the nose
2 -- follow the ledge that power cell 1 is on to the right -- just overlooking
the waterfall
3 -- drop from power cell 2, and go a little back
4-6 -- remember that waterfall I just mentioned?  Go behind it into a little
7, 8 -- climb the platforms in front of and to the left of the rocket
9 -- in a little depression w/flowers near the waterfall.
10, 11 -- on top of two hills nearby said depression -- the hills go up
against the border of the stage.
12 -- on a hill behind the exit teleporter
13 -- on a muddy ridge behind and to the left of the rocket
14 -- on a raised area with a tree - close to cell 13
15 -- on a hill to the right of the TV terminal