Snow JokeEdit

So you made it to the cooler...Wait! Something's missing...oh yeah - 
SNOW. Ooh, that big computer thing looks cool. Switch it on and see what 

- Switch on the snow blower
- Switch on the big computer thing
- Get a husky

Animals: Penguin, Husky, and Rabbit


Immediately get inside the Penguin that was run over by a snowball, and 
then proceed to go over to "the big computer thing" and switch it on 
(mission 2 complete). Go down in the big hole with the grating and flip 
the switch (mission 1 complete). Also, kill a Husky and get inside it 
(mission 3 complete). Now just jump on the platforms to get to the exit. 

Note: That may be easier if you use a rabbit.

There are three switches in this level: The "Big Computer Thing" and 
"The Snow Blower." The third one makes an orange platform appear on the 
other side of the level. Go there, and it will take you up to a higher 
platform. At the top is the Trophy.