Space Station Silicon Valley

Space Station Silicon Valley is a platform game released for Nintendo 64 and for Game Boy Color and (renamed, for PS1) from DMA Design, a scottish software company.


The Space Station Silicon Valley, created by Professor Cheese, is lost in the space and its creator is believed dead, so the "Heroes For Hire" Dan Danger and the robot Evo are sent to find it and save the world from the rebelling animals inside the station.


There are many animals in the game, divided in the section of where they live:


Dog, Sheep, Racing Mouse, Racing Dog, Springy Thingy, Racing Fox, Ram, Fox, Bear, Rat, Spring Ram, King Rat, Flying Dog, and Rocket Fox.


Penguin, Husky, Rabbit, Heli-Rabbit, Walrus, Cool Cod, Polar Tank, Ski-Husky, Seagull, Polar Bear, and King Penguin.


Elephant, Tortoise Tank, Hyena, Piranha, Hippo, Parrot, Racing Tortoise, Gorilla, Lion, Hyena Biker, and Chameleon.


Camel, Armed Desert Fox, Vulture, Cannon Camel, Desert Fox, Scorpion, Boxing Kangaroo, Pogo Kangaroo.


Evo, Frog, and Mouse.


Levels are suddivided in four regions: Europe, Ice, Jungle and Desert.

Europe ZoneEdit

Smashing Start

Have A Nice Day!

Honeymoon Lagoon

The Battery Farm

The Engine Room

Fat Bear Mountain

Rocky Hard Place

Stinky Sewers


Give A Dog A Bonus (Shellsuit Level)

Ice ZoneEdit

Snow Joke

Ice 'n' Easy Does It

Penguin Playpen

Pinball Blizzard

Hoppa Choppa

Something Fishy

Walrace 64 (Shellsuit Level)

Jungle ZoneEdit

Jungle Japes

Jungle Doldrums

Swamp Of Eternal Stench

Weight For It

Jungle Jumps

Evo's Escape (Shellsuit Level)

Desert ZoneEdit

Fun In The Sun

Hot Cross Buns

Sting In The Tail

Borassic Park

Whirlwind Tour

Shifting Sands

Punch-Up Pyramid (Shellsuit Level)

Final LevelEdit

Big Celebration Parade