Space Station Silicon Valley Wiki
Stinky Sewers
Zone Europe
Animals Racing Dog, Rat, Rat King, Dog and Racing Fox
Difficulty Medium

Stinky Sewers (In Italian Fogne Puzzolenti[Not Sure]) is the eighth level of the Europe Zone of Space Station Silicon Valley.


Flupping honk, Evo, what's that stench? Must be coming from down the sewers. Ugh. It smells worse than your backside.


- Find the key card to access the main tunnels

- Reactivate the Big Taps

- Gain access to the King Rat's hole


This level is probably "The Most Messed Up Level In The Game"! It's not difficult,but could take hours to complete because it's like a maze.

OK,you start as the racing dog. Go where a sort-of mechanical door is,and it will open. Now,search around for a zone where there is a green water-like liquid. You'll see some rats,kill 'em and take one.

Now return back,and you'll find a small tunnel where only the rat can go, and search around (I can't help you very much here) until you see a room with a fox in. Kill the fox (use the exploding feces,or leave it to the other rats,they'll arrive after a bit of time) and pick it.

Exit the room and go in another tunnel with green liquid. Go right and then left and you'll be in another fork. Go right and then left and you will encounter yellow water. Turn right when it's possible and open the door to find a dead human who will give you a key card (first mission complete).

Now,return back and open the mechanical door, then search around until you find some nuclear barrels, pull them away and attack the nozzle to rise the water in the room in front. Go in it,and pick the dog. Push the crates to form a bridge (remember The Battery Farm?) and reach the other side. Find the other nozzle and attack it (second mission complete),and the water in the room will rise more.

Pick the racing dog and return to the room,now return fox and go right. And there's the third maze part,so I can't help,just search around until you see the King Rat's area. I can tell only tell that the walls there are yellow. After a little presentation of King Rat,you could say "Oh my gosh,it's very powerful!",but you'll realize that its fart gas is weak and rats attack could be ignored,in fact rats attack you even without King Rat's command. DON'T YOU FOOL TRY TO DIE. Take it and prepare for the fourth and luckily last maze part,because when you end it and you enter the King Rat's hole (third mission complete),you can FINALLY exit the level!


Eat all that crap-like solid (or maybe it's crap? Don't really want to know) with rat's bite attack and it will appear.