The Battery Farm
Zone Europe
Animals Racing Dog, Racing Mouse, Sheep, Ram and Fox
Difficulty Easy

The Battery Farm (In Italian La Fabbrica Delle Batterie) is the fourth level of the Europe Zone of Space Station Silicon Valley.


The farm's gone to the dogs! Damn mutts took over the farmhouse and set up and electric fence around the exit. And I need chow, now! Get me some carrots!


  • Raise the bridge sections
  • Grow some carrots
  • Switch off the electric fence


Okay. You start as a racing mouse,so you have to kill something that ATTACKS and that is not so more powerful than you. Well, this is right. Like in the previous level, you'll have to take the ramp to enter in the pen. "Hey, but they're all sheep!", you might say. No,look another time... Oh,there's a sheep with something yellow on its head! Well, that's a ram, and its yellow thing really hurts, so you have to kill it quickly.

Done? Ok, but do not pick him yet. First, try to kill a sheep. Enter on it and exit the pen. Now,you see a fallen bridge, and a switch on the other side? Okay? Float with the sheep and activate it... or just use the ram. The bridge will raise.

Pick the ram, because a battle with a racing dog awaits you; don't worry,he'll shoot one or two missiles and he'll go back recharging don't-know-what. Attack him in this moment. When he's dead,do not pick him (if you want,activate the switch in the barn that moves that hay platform,hop on it and you'll go on an upper floor where there are 2 Power Orbs and a camera,that gives you a free tour of the level),instead press the lever near the carrots a few times to grow them (second mission complete),then hop on them and go to the upper section. DON'T TRY TO KILL THE FOXES. Follow the pattern that goes down. Another fallen bridge and another switch. Press it (first mission complete),then pick the racing dog and murder those two unlucky foxes!

OK,the hard part is gone, now just enter the house, and press the button (third mission complete) to deactivate the electric fence, then exit. Yeah.


Kill all the animals and it will appear (minus the racing dog). Pick it up with a sheep.


  • In this level's brief, the word "damn" is present,but the game is E-Rated.

Power Cells Edit

1 -- inside the first barn, on a platform -- push the crates to make a
stepping stool
2 -- in a little chamber in the first barn -- it points towards the river
3 -- on top of the U-shaped ridge just after crossing the 2nd bridge section
4 -- on top of the higher level of the two-tiered platform just next to said
U-shaped ridge
5 -- behind the house, in a corner of the level
6, 7 -- on the roof of the house
8-11 -- turn on the sprinkler by turning the wheel switch in the water(jump
from U-shaped ridge).  This will cause four plants to grow, each containing a
power Cell!
12, 13 -- inside the attic of the second barn.  Activate the crushing hay
bale, then jump on top of it.  This will take you to the secret attic with 2
Power Cells and a free tour.
14, 15 -- from attic above, jump out to the left side.  Repeat with the right
side for 15.