Space Station Silicon Valley Wiki
The Engine Room
Zone Europe
Animals Bear, Racing Fox, Rat, Racing Dog and Sheep
Difficulty Easy

The Engine Room (In Italian Sala Motori) is the fifth level of the Europe Zone of Space Station Silicon Valley.


You need a keycard to pass through here. Sensors detect an object in the hands of a dead humanoid, possibly one of the station's professors. Watch out for those crazy bears!


- Find the keycard

- Activate the bridge

- Open the security door


You start as a Racing Fox in the start. Try to get away from that wacko bear, so turn left! Do you see? There's a perfect animal for you: the Racing Dog! Kill him,you have good probability to do it without losing very much health. Enter on it. Now,you're able to kill that crazy lazy bear! Take control of it. Now you're able to pick up objects... Hey,there's a white cube there! Pick it with A and put it in that red pad near where you killed the dog. Professor Cheese of which Dan Danger was talking will come near to you,go to him and he'll toss a keycard,collect it (first mission completed).

Return dog and go in the subway-like pattern near the start of the level and at the end of it you'll find a switch,hit it (second mission completed) and a bridge will activate.

Return up,go in the pattern that goes where the rats are,kill'em,then take again the bear and go where the camera was. You can even go there with the dog,but you have to use really A LOT OF MISSILES to go,so I recommend you to take the bear (third mission completed). Now exit of this place,now!


Destroy all of the computers. It will appear in a small pipe, use the rat to take it.

Power Cells[]

If you look at the gap between the terminals at the start of the stage, you can see a bear go by. If you then go to near the terminal by the place where you have to put the cube, you can see it evaporate. I think this is the juggling bear that appears if you hold a button while the DMA intro sequence is playing. Or I could just be seeing things. Most of the Power Cells in this level are inside computer terminals. To get them out, take control of the Racing Dog (you see him if you go to the left at the start), then shoot the terminals twice(waiting for the smoke to clear after your first hit). The terminal will be destroyed and a Power Cell will pop out. (Also, by destroying all the terminals, you get the souvenir.) Terminals 1-3 -- right in front of you as you start. Terminal 4 -- Turn left at the first junction -- nearby the platform for the glass cube. Terminal 5 -- from 4, go right through the skinny passageway, then turn left. Terminal 6 -- go straight from the start, it's on your right side. Terminal 7 -- from 6, go straight, then turn left -- it's near the hole where the souvenir is. Terminal 8 -- on a ledge, above Terminal 6 -- you need to make a boost jump from the ramp near the tunnel to the door. Terminals 9-11 -- blocking access to the bridge switch That's all the terminals, but there are still 4 cells left! 12, 13 -- on the same ledge as Terminal 8 14, 15 -- in the tunnel with the rolling globes before you get to the door.